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ApptButtonAASupportive Talk is a conversation telephone talk service that offers its clientele warm, caring and supportive dialogue with Vicki Langemo, LPC, MA. Ms. Langemo is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 20 years of experience. With knowledge in a wide variety of coping skills including: grief/loss, anger & stress management, relationship repair, anxiety reduction tools, positive parenting techniques, chemical awareness and personal empowerment. Vicki can help you discuss and find positive relief for life’s struggles.

Supportive Talk discussions are not medical therapy. Instead, it is an uplifting, effective and caring private phone call between two parties.  This service is different from medical therapy in that it does not follow the conventional counseling guidelines of an intake, treatment plan, diagnosis or outcome goals. Instead, it is an Easy, Simple and Low Cost form of Support.  Although as a Licensed Professional, Vicki is still bound by the ethical and legal limits to confidentiality. Therefore, make sure you read and agree to the Terms of Consent before setting up your first appointment.

Making an Appointment is Easy! Just go to the top page home bar and click on Appointments. Agree to the Terms, make a payment and schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient to you. Then you will receive a call from Vicki at the time you scheduled. It is that SIMPLE!

Talking with with a caring person has proven to relieve Loneliness, reduce Stress and take the blues away. It makes a Great Gift Idea for someone you care about.

So if you are ready for an uplifting conversation…..Break the silence and Try it Today!




This site is not recommended for individuals who are in need of Medical or Mental therapeutic services. If this is what you need, call 911 for emergencies, your medical Insurance or local United Way at 211 for referrals or the Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. Serious conversations about the intent to self-harm will be referred to the Suicide Hotline. Extremely lewd or sexual talk will result in an immediate end to the Counseling Conversation.

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