Anger Management – Introduction: Take back your Control

I am about to blog a 10 part series on Anger Management. This is a subject near and dear to my heart because I have had to work on this issue my whole adult life. I came from an abusive family of origin and lived with a Rage-aholic (someone addicted to rage) during my entire childhood until I moved out at age 21. So this introduction into this series is meant to get you thinking about ANGER.

What is Anger?

enraged-804311_1920Let me throw out a variety of concepts to get you thinking about this strong emotion we call anger. It is not just wrath, ire, resentment, rage fury, irritation or annoyance. Here are some other notions to consider: intimidation, yelling, abuse, withholding love, sarcasm, bullying, passive-aggression (a preference in my family of origin), infliction of pain, violence, mean words meant to wound, retreating from the feeling out of fear, total apathy (a favorite of family members who want to pretend it never happened), poking jabs, vicious comments, depression, self-destructiveness (I have never overcome my weight problem, and it is probably related to anger), rumination (my toughest side effect) , grudges, aggression or defiance.  I hope these concepts open you up to the variances in anger. Think about the words that you would use to describe your anger. Are they in this paragraph or does your anger manifest in some other form?

My top 5 would be rumination, over-eating, outrage, grudges and stubbornness. What would be your top 5? It is not pleasant to admit to our shortcomings, but it is an important step to healing and self-discovery.

The problem with anger that is not dealt with and released is it interferes with your happiness in life. When someone makes me really angry, the incident becomes seared in my brain. It takes control. I ruminate endlessly defending my position in my head.  I am will be very open with you in hopes that you will be honest with yourself when reading my series. This is a painful subject and running away will not help you. But if you’re brave enough and ready to take on your anger issues, this series should help. I have spent 30 years working on overcoming my anger so I am hoping my journey will help others caught in Anger’s clutches to break-free. It is time to release this monster within and heal the wound that created this cycle. My wish in writing this series is to help you release this emotion and fill the void with love, hope, happiness, and joy.

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