6 Quick Tips To Help Reduce Your Stress In 5 Minutes Or Less

Did you know that stress is a major component in health, relationship and work problems?

Here are 6 QUICK tips to give yourself a mini-stress break.

#1 My Favorite: Eat a small piece of Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolate is rich in healthy flavonols and the cocoa can get the brain to release Feel-Good happy endorphin hormones that reduce stress.  (I think I use this technique too often).

#2) Meditate: This is not a complicated procedure. Just spend 2 minutes with your eyes closed taking slow deep breaths from your belly and concentrating on a Happy thought, a pleasurable memory, a fun wish, a great vacation, a positive affirmation or a peaceful place. Your brain will be triggered into calming down.

#3) Embrace the Energy: Stress can give you an energy boost. Use this extra momentum to do something positive. Clean clutter that has been bothering you, run an errand, go for a walk or run, (you can even do jumping jacks in place), or take care of a quick task. Getting something positive and concrete done will make you feel better about your day.

#4) Big Hugs are Healing: Find someone you are close to and give them a big hug. Human touch is a very healing technique, it feels great and reduces stress.

#5) Laughter is the best Medicine: Search YouTube for a funny or humorous video that makes you chuckle or brings a smile to your face. Nothing breaks the hold of stress on your body like a good laugh.

#6) Nature relives stress: Go outside, enjoy a garden, or walk in the country.  Can’t leave the office or its -30 below….buy a flower or have pictures of your favorite natural environments. I have a picture of my rain garden, a rose that was budding in the winter and the woods where I bike. They bring nature to my brain and thus reduces stress. Please take 5 minutes twice a day to take care of yourself. Have a stress break on me and use one of these 6 suggestions. If you need more info on stress reduction, I have spent 20 years developing techniques to reduce stress.