A Top Relationship Tip: Positive Communication Skills

Good communication is an essential skill in maintaining a healthy, happy relationship.  Being able to express yourself accurately to your partner reduces stress, problems and miscommunications that can lead to arguments. Here are two simple Tips that will help you more accurately communicate your thoughts:

#1) Make sure you add specific details or examples to your statements so your partner know exactly what you mean. Example: “I will be 2 hours late coming home from work” instead of” I will be a little late coming home tonight.”

#2) If the subject is important then ask your partner to summarize what they understood you to say. If they misunderstood then you can reword your exchange so they can better comprehend you. Take the example above: The partner takes the second statement to mean he will be about 15 minutes late not 2 hours.  Details and examples can help correct the assumptions we inevitably make when we are filling in the blanks of unspoken details. These tips can help you avoid relationship problems.