Conflict Resolution Skills build a Healthy and Happy Relationship

Each person is a unique individual. Therefore, we have our own personality traits, beliefs, values, opinions and perspective. So from time to time, people in relationships will disagree. It’s OK to not agree but for a Healthy, Happy relationship you will need to find some common ground and a positive resolution to the conflict. Here are some simple tips to accomplish a constructive, non-hurtful outcome. #1) is staying respectful. This means no swearing, name-calling or nasty put downs. This only raises the other person’s defenses and instead of listening to what you are saying they begin to design their own argument. #2)  Second, identify the specific conflict. Then both sides should summarize their side without interruption. #3) Next, you begin to brainstorm ideas for a workable solution for both parties. Look for Win/Win solutions and put your answer into action. If it works you have just found a Positive and Healthy resolution to your disagreement. #4) Finally, Praise, Praise, Praise, yourself for implementing this skill. It is an awesome skill to develop and it will help all aspects of your Life.