Powerful and Valuable Tip for Great Communication

One of the key ingredients to having a Healthy Relationship with someone is developing Good Communications skills.  Here are some basic tips to good Communication.

#1 is staying respectful. This means no mean words like swearing, name-calling or nasty put downs. This only raises the other person’s defenses and instead of listening to what you are saying they begin to design their own argument. Use very specific words, details and examples. Instead of saying,” I will be home a little late” replace that sentence with a detailed conversation like, “I plan to be home around 8 or 8:30 PM and if it will be later than that, I will call”. Speak from your perspective….don’t assume what the other person is thinking or saying. Alternatively, tell the other person how you feel, think or see things. Finally, summarize what you heard the other person tell you. We often make assumptions or add context or meaning by hearing a certain tone of voice or noticing body language.  By telling your partner what you heard, they can  correct a misinterpretation or if you got the wrong idea.

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