Listen to the Meaning Behind Your Feelings

Over the years, I have worked with many people who are afraid of their feelings. Maybe they are dealing with Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Grief or Anger. We are often raised to think of our feelings as either Good or Bad. Good feelings are like Love, Joy or Happiness and Bad Feelings are emotions like Anxiety, Fear, Grief or Anger. But feelings are not good or bad. They are survival tools that are meant to give us messages.

So when you get a strong feeling….acknowledge it and ask yourself; ‘What message is my feelings trying to sending me? “They may be telling you…I am anxious because I am in a relationship where I don’t feel safe or loved. They may be telling you I have lost a beloved person in my life and there is a void that is now unfilled.

Once you have determined what your feelings are trying to tell you, take some positive, constructive action. If you are in a relationship where you feel unloved and unsafe, then it is time to go to couples counseling, read a good book on healthy relationships, learn positive communication and conflict negotiation skills or go on a couples retreat. If you are grieving, then maybe it is time to join a grief support group, go to counseling, read a good book on overcoming grief, or go into nature and commune with the spirit of your loved one.  Keep trying beneficial, helpful tasks, changes or actions until your feelings begin to calm and subside. Then you know you have let your feelings guide you to a positive outcome. Do not be afraid of your feelings! Instead, look to them as friendly guides’ giving you important messages about your life situation.  If you would like to learn more, please go to my website and book a session or share this post with your friends.