Reality Rewrite

If you had to summarize your life’s story, would the retelling make you stronger or weaker? We can often be our own worst enemy. Our thoughts shape our reality. What we emphasize, how we remember a memory (concentrating on the positive or the negative), the words we use in our head, the scripting of our inner stories can make us feel stronger or rip apart our self-confidence. Our reality or perception of our life story can be beneficial or have a detrimental outlook. Often painful experience motivate us to look for change and reexamine the story of our life that lead us on this path. Although pain can drive us, it is actually positive desires/feeling that can fuel lasting change. I have reexamined my life story to learn and grow. How have you used your past to fundamentally change for the better?  If you would like to carry on this discussion or talk about other issues, please set something up on my website.