Stuck in a Rut? Empower Yourself to Move Forwards in Life… Starting Today! Part 2

supportivetalk-ED-1 close image butterflyTo move forward starting today requires beginning to make some meaningful strides in your life. When you make some positive changes, you will feel empowered. The key to empowerment is to take control of your life. Let’s explore some concrete methods to do this.

How do we concretely begin to move forward?

Step 1:  Concretely learn about yourself.

Understanding yourself helps you stay in tune with your inner identity. Focus on the present and set up your future goals. When we set-up a life plan that is consistent with who we are, we are more likely to devise changes and goals that will lead to true happiness and fulfillment.  Many people ignore their true selves and go for artificial means of success.  Often people put huge value on an expensive car, big house or a powerful career.  This is fine if this is truly what you want.  However, if you are only trying to make yourself look good on the outside or meet someone else’s expectations of success, it will leave you empty and feeling meaningless.

supportivetalk-Rut 2 muscle manHere is what I do to help people discover their true self…

  1. A)  Learn more about your True Identity by defining your Personality Type.

First, I have a person go through a sheet of about 40 personality types. The client defines the traits that describe who they are in specific terms. They also figure out what behaviors go completely against the grain and the bits and pieces of other personality types that do fit them.  We are all an odd mixture of a variety of personality types because we are distinctive human beings, and our life path has shaped our values and belief system.  Together, we explore how these traits help define a goal set that will bring us inner fulfillment.  The personality types I like to use come from a book called, “NOW, Discover your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D. otherwise you can research Meyer/Brigg, DISC types, or a variety of others.

For example, one of my personality types is an “Achiever”. Therefore, when I set up goals, I divide them into small, doable tasks so I can cross them off when they are finished and I can feel like I have accomplished something productive. So my goals need to be tangible and dividable to satisfy my nature.

I have written a series called, “Personality Strengths: Gain Self-knowledge by learning your Unique Gifts.” By doing this exercise, you will find an easy way to gain insight into yourself, and you can also use it as a tool to understand others in your life. This article will be published soon on my website.

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For more information, check out “Self-Empowerment by Rosie E. Kuhn or “Potential: the 5 Pillars to Unlock Excellence” by Kevin Cole. If you would like to read more by this author, try “Empower Yourself to Move Forward in Life….Starting Today!’ or “Define your Values, Focus your Life”. If you would like some personal help, you can book a conversation with Vicki at