Wellness Counseling

After 20 years of working in the field of psychology, I have developed my own type of practice that I like to call Wellness Counseling. Wellness counseling is down-to-earth, practical, straight forward guidance to help people learn new skills, healthy alternatives, positive pathways that can lead to a growth mindset.  Human beings are creatures of habit. We tend to develop a set of habits, tendencies and mannerism that we use to solve all our problems. Unfortunately, this can be a very fixed mind-set, myopic in scope for finding solutions to the struggles and problems that inevitably come into everyone’s life. When we find ourselves stuck in our same old patterns it helps to go get some new lessons from a professional. Just as a golfer would go to a pro to brush up and improve their game, people can come to me to learn new skills, options and alternatives. I often teach communication skills, conflict resolution, Positive relationship skills, WIN/WIN solutions, identify personality traits, anger and stress reduction, grief/loss, Happiness charts and other positive game changing techniques that will help people get out of their rut and improve their lives.