Job Stress Anxiety: 7 Steps to make the change Easier!

supportivetalk-isolatedYou have decided it’s time to take a leap of faith and make a career change. It is exciting, but you find the new path generates anxiety. So how do you handle your stress when life becomes so unpredictable and topsy-turvy?

Tip 1: Use Ultimate Stress-Busters daily! 

Career change is one of the top ten life stressors, along with starting a new company, getting married or divorced, and having a baby. Therefore, the proven method to combat your stress-anxiety is to use some of these Ultimate Stress-Busters in this article, every day.

Tip 2: Burn Off Anxiety with Physical Movement! 

Choose a workout that you enjoy but will burn off some steam. Exercise relieves stress and anxiety in several ways. Cardiovascular workouts cause you to sweat out toxins. Physical activity stimulates the brain to release serotonin and norepinephrine (good-feeling chemicals). Raising your heart rate will also release endorphins and hormones that will naturally relieve stress-anxiety.

Tip 3: Blow away Troublesome Stress!

Breathe slow and deep. It sounds easy, but we just don’t do it. Instead, we take short, shallow breaths. Consciously, try to breathe slow and deep from your diaphragm instead of your lungs, hold, and slowly release. Your body releases 70% of toxins by breathing out carbon dioxide. Toxin build-up increases anxiety, stress, and illness. We breathe slow and deep during our sleep, so it’s a natural brain trigger to calming down.

Tip 4: Reprogram your Brain!

Consciously change your thoughts to the positive.  Change anxiety is normal. The amygdala, a part of our brain, is responsible for sending out strong panic statements like, “I won’t be as successful as I was in my former position. I will never find a better job. Will I fit in again?” Stop these thoughts by thinking of empowering statements, counting your blessings, naming your success, and labeling your skills.

Tip 5: Combat the “I can’t” belief!

Human beings have the tendency to think in all or nothing thoughts. Facing unemployment isn’t easy. Messages like, “No, I can’t, it won’t happen, or I’m not lucky.  Our uneasiness is getting us focus on the negative.  Notice your thoughts and change every “No” to “I can.”

Tip 6: Make a plan to keep busy and productive!

After a couple of months of job hunting, it is human nature to become disheartened. These feelings can lead to slowing up of initiative. It is important to stay productive and busy every day. Get up at a normal time every morning and have a productive routine. Create a daily strategy. For example, researching jobs and companies, sending resumes, making calls, and networking. Spend time honing new job skills, workout, and finish the day by doing something productive around the house. A structured daily routine keeps your work ethic finely tuned and wards off apathy. Also, a busy mind keeps stress and anxiety away. Stay Confident by being Productive.

Tip 7: Dream big!

Every day set aside time to build a successful mindset. Write down your vision goals, review them, say empowering statements, imagine yourself having a dream job and being successful. Listen to uplifting music like “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, “Rise Up by Andra Day, “Roar” by Katy Perry, “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, or “The Impossible Dream by Frank Sinatra. Two of my favorite books to keep up my spirits are “Zen and the Art of Happinessby Chris Prentiss and “Listening to Your Inner Voice” by Douglas Block. Listen to “Relax, Unwind and Sleep” by Vicki Langemo. Realize you are in a tug of war with defeatist thoughts. Take the time to rebuild your defenses.

A final note:  I once heard a story about Jim Carey. Mr. Carey spent many years as a struggling stand-up comic before he became famous. There were many times he was booed off the stage. To stay focused on achieving his dream, he wrote out a check to himself for a million dollars. When he had a rough night, he would go to the lookout over the Hollywood Hills, take out his check and envision cashing it one day. Eventually, Jim Carey achieved success by defeating his stress, anxiety, and hopelessness by not giving into the negativity. So believe in yourself and become the person you are meant to be!

So use these 7 Amazing steps to combat your anxiety over a job change to build the life of your dreams!

For more information on Stress and Anxiety, go to  You can order “Zen and the Art of Happiness” by Chris Prentiss, “Listening to your Inner Voice” by Douglas Block or Relax, Unwind & Sleep” on Amazon today.