6 Tips For Healthy Grieving During The Holidays

supportive-talk-pensive-femalAdvertisers and Retailers bombard us with sounds, smells and pictures of Holiday Cheer. But this can make it all the more painful for those who are grieving during the Holidays. Watching others who seem so Happy can make the griever feel even more lonely, sad and overwhelmed. To help you prepare to deal with this not so joyous season….Here are some Healthy Coping Strategies:

Take Time to Think: What will help you get through the Holidays? Do you like to bake? Have some children over and bake some cookies. Do you like to serve? Volunteer to serve a Holiday meal. Do you like to give gifts? Find an organisation who brings items to people during the holidays and ask to help. Do you like to be with people? Ask to help with a Holiday event or go to some events. Do you like the theatre? Go to the Christmas Carol or another Holiday production. You get the idea. The best thing for you is the opposite of wallowing only in your grief. Plan ahead and do some activities.

Be Realistic:  Grieve often makes us feel numb and disorganised. So find ways to cut down your Holiday workload. Only put up a small lighted tree. Shop online, go to a favourite bakery and get the baked goods. Again, think of ways to make this holiday season easy.

Ask to share the Holiday with Supportive People: Reflect on who you would like to share this time of year. Think of those who you would be comfortable around and request to be at their celebration. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, let others know if it is OK to share memories of the one you have lost. It could be heartwarming to remember your loved one.

Be Yourself: You do not have to be jolly or bubbly. Let others know that you are struggling with sad emotions. Most people are very compassionate. Just try not to be a Debbie-downer, but it is OK to be sad.

Let Your Tears Flow: Sometimes, it is helpful to sit with a cup of hot cocoa or cider and watch sad movies or listen to music and cry. Crying is a healing expression of sadness. A good cry can let out and release some of the pain.

Have Hope: Every time we love; we risk loss. But love is what makes life worth living. So realise that slowly you will heal, find ways to mend your broken heart and life will get better. 

May these ideas make the Holidays a little easier for you. Give yourself the gift of being kind, gentle and understanding during this holiday season.

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