9 Tricks to Get You Through Loneliness During The Holidays.

lonlinessWhen the word, “ Holidays “is mentioned: the pictures that flash in your mind is a big family around a roasted turkey, kids opening gifts around the Christmas tree or toasting a group of friends as Midnight changes to the New Year. But what about the people who are away from their families, their loved one isn’t there, a loved one passed away or they just went through a break-up?

For these situations, the Holidays feel lonely and full of emotional dread.

Tricks to get through the Holidays:

  • Go on Vacation.
  • Set-up plans with others that are alone.
  • Decide you can make your own Holiday cheer and go to a play, shopping event or make the most fantastic snowman ever!
  • Stand by a mall and hand out a piece of candy with a note attached that says, ” You are loved in this world”.
  • Do what you love!
  • Share and Give to those less fortunate.
  • Buy yourself a special gift…something that will bring you joy.
  • Give out Hugs to those who want them.
  • Be a Salvation Army bell ringer

Use these ideas to stimulate your imagination. Life is what you make it. So make a decision to find ways to make this season more cheerful for you. You are special and worth the effort!

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