Make An Appointment

Go to the appointment book and choose an appointment that is convenient for YOU! Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 AM to 6 PM Central Time. If you have trouble send a brief email to  or leave a brief message at:

Here is what you need to know…. To receive supportive talk over the phone. It is so EASY!

The client decides that they would like to have a one on one conversation with a Licensed Professional Counselor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is Supportive, Effective conversations NOT medical therapy.

The client follows the 3 main steps on the Home page: Consent to Terms, schedule an Electronic Appointment and receive your Call.

Appointment Information

ApptButtonAAYou may choose the amount of time you wish to talk (must be in increments of 25)….25, 50 or 75 minutes is a normal appointment.

The cost is $25 for 25 minutes or $50 for 50 minutes and so on. (Compare with the normal range for a psychologist visit: $150 to $300 per hour).

The customer leaves a phone number and email address for contact. At the appointed time, the counselor will give you a call and you can tell her what you would like to address. (If you do not answer your phone at the appointed time, she will call at least 4 times during the first 15 minutes and try to contact you by email). If you are unavailable, the appointment will be terminated.  Privacy:   Strong precautions for Privacy will be taken at the location of the counselor. No other privacy claims will be made because they are not within the scope of control for this business. Example: a customer may have their conversation in a public place.

Counseling Conversations is a division of Counseling for a Better Life, PLLC.   Licensed Professional Counselor is a mandated reporter and must adhere to the laws regarding Confidentiality as outlined in Agreement to Terms.