Personality Strengths: Discover your Unique Gifts Part 2

Do you know your Personality Strengths?

supportive-talk-peopleTo make your self-discovery easy, I have summarized a list of Personality Strengths. This information is based on NOW, Discover your strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D. pages: 83-116.

We will begin the process of defining your strengths. Read the description. Check it if the portrayal fits you. Write “No,” if it is totally unlike you. Highlight a sentence if only that part describes who you are as a person. You can also note traits of other people you know.

Are you an…..

_____ Achiever: This trait expresses a relentless need for accomplishments. Each day starts at zero, and you must reach your own quota of acheivements. By the end of the day, you must achieve something tangible to feel good about yourself. You have an internal fire burning inside of you. It pushes you to do more. As an achiever, you must learn to live with this whisper of discontent. The greatest benefit of this trait is it gives you the energy to work long hours before burning out and gives you a jolt of energy to start on new tasks or challenges.
_____ Activator: This trait says “When can we start?” This is a recurring question in your life. You are impatient for action. Analysis or debate may have some merit, but the only action makes things happen. Action equals performance. Once a decision has been made you want to act right away. You believe that action is the best way to learn. You act and then see the result and learn. You believe the bottom line is judged by what gets done and this pleases you instead of intimidating you.

_____Adaptability: This trait lives in the moment. The future is not a fixed destination. It is created out of the choices that you make right now. The future is built by one choice at a time. You may have plans but are willing to respond easily to any changes. In fact, you expect things to pop up that will require adjustments. You like being pulled in many directions at once…because then you can be at the top of your game.

_____Analytical: Your theme is “Prove it”. Show me why or what you are claiming is true. Theories must hold up through questioning, or you don’t find them to be sound. You see yourself as objective and dispassionate because data is value free and has no agenda. You search for patterns and connections to see if the outcome fits the theory. You do not like wishful thinking or clumsy speculation. You must be careful not to deliver your view too harshly because many people like to fantasy or indulge in wishful thinking.

_____Arranger: This trait is energized by complex situations involving many factors. You manage all the variables, aligning and realigning themes until you are sure you have arranged them in the most productive configuration possible. You are always looking for the best way to get things done. People are amazed at how can you keep so many things in your head at once. Your strength is effective flexibility. In all situations, you look for the perfection solution. You will jump into the confusion, devise new options, hunt for new paths, figure new partnerships, and thrive on finding a better way.

supportive-talk-friendship_____Believer: This personality has certain very strong core values that are enduring. These values may vary from one person to another but typically are family-oriented, altruistic, spiritual, responsible and ethical. The beliefs give your life meaning and satisfaction. Success must be more than just money and power. Your values provide you with direction, reduce temptation, and give you a consistent set of priorities. You are known for consistency, dependability, trustworthiness and others know where you stand. It is important for you to find an occupation that meshes with your values. Your work must feel like it is meaningful and matters to you for you to enjoy it.

Continue with Part 3 in this series to read more definitions of personality strengths.

If you would like to research this subject more, try the books: Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery by Ron Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, Personality Types by John-Nwankwo RN, MSN or Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type by Isabel Briggs Myers.




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