Stuck in a Rut? Empower Yourself to Move Forwards in Life… Starting Today! Part 1

supportivetalk-Rut 1 trucks in dirtHuman beings were designed to learn things and then do them automatically. Think about driving a car. After a while, you no longer think about turning the wheel or pressing your foot on the gas pedal, because it has become automatic when we get behind the wheel. This is a survival trait, so we don’t have to think consciously about our every move. Our instinct can become detrimental when we begin to live our whole life stuck in a rut. The mind, body and spirit were designed to be learning, growing, changing, and moving forward. Nevertheless sometimes in life, we get use to just going through the motions; work, chores, home life, TV, texting, phone, and computer. We become comfortable but also stop moving forward. Finally one day, you realize lots of time has passed, and nothing has changed. This often makes us feel trapped. We feel entangled in a boring life (stuck in a rut). Another complication is our mind has also become entrenched in a mindset that has tunnel vision. We can’t seem to find a way to break-out of our life’s track. But every emotional experience is an opportunity to listen, learn, grow and overcome.
Make the choice to become healed instead of remaining as one of the walking wounded. Hanging on to your old ways, may give you some payoffs and a level of satisfaction. Do you blame your parents or mate? Blaming another for your problems is a payoff but it keeps you stuck. How long have you known that what they did was wrong? What did YOU do about it? Not taking control of your life hinders your ability to change and thus build a life you will enjoy living. Make the choice to become healed by changing and enjoying life.

Rut 1b Al phone chairHow do we become empowered?
When we have been stuck long enough, we have lost perspective and only see a very limited, constricted view. Our mind, body and spirit have become out of alignment with our true nature. Humans were created to move forward. How do we empower ourselves in this situation? First, concretely learn about yourself to determine the right path for you. Focus on your inner self to determine your future. Second, decide what you want in life and then devise meaningful goals. We make our choices which sets in motion the course of our lives. Thirdly, set your goals and get moving. When you have made some meaningful strides in your life, you will feel empowered. The key to empowerment is to take control of your life.
In my next two articles, you will learn how to move concretely forward in life and developing meaningful goals.


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