Marriage And Relationship Skills

Supportive-Talk-MarriageMarriage Counseling is offered by Counseling Conversations (Minneapolis) to develop healthier, happier relationships and marriages. Together, couples can discover simple skills that will lead to a more enriched relationship.  As time passes, most couples slowly stop working on their relationship, bad habits emerge, life struggles interfere with happiness, or partners become too involved with their work or children.  If arguing, discontent, lack of communication or fulfillment describes your relationship, it may be time for a helpful “tune-up”. Sometimes people are court-ordered to try and improve their relationship.

Here are the types of tools you will learn to improve your relationship. Relationship problems can actually be viewed as an opportunity to grow and learn how to develop healthier relationships. This in turn will improve all different types of relationships in your life. You will learn and compare your strengths, goals and values with that of your partner.  This process helps you see where you are compatible and identify where conflicts may originate. We will go over good communication skills, conflict negotiation and Win/Win solutions so your discussions can be more positive.

Supportive-Talk-RelationshipsVicki will encourage the partners to be more respectful, kind and loving in small/simple ways that just encourages more affection and less tension. In session, we will work on finding constructive ways to blend two unique personalities in a healthy way. The client will review stages of love, changing your mind set, win/win strategies, communication road blocks and relationship destroyers.   We will then look for past issues that interfere with intimacy and learn ways to transform your relationship. Life can be so much more fulfilling when we have happy and healthy relationships. These new skills and knowledge will help a couple rebuild their relationship in a more caring and intimate way.


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