Anger Management

Supportive-Talk-Anger-ManagementCounseling Conversations of Minneapolis excels in teaching the coping skills for Anger Management. It is a good idea to learn the skill of anger management when your anger controls and overrides your behavior. When this happens, you end up having regrets once you have calmed down. If this issue is causing problems in your job, with your spouse or children, friends, or neighbors, it may be time to seek a little help. If you notice people commenting on how angry you get, that they feel they have to walk on “egg shells” around you, you find you feel angry most of the time, you are in a lot of arguments and fights or if the police are called to control the situation ordomestic disputes erupt then Anger Management skills may benefit you!

In anger management, you will learn the basic facts about anger, the key ways anger works in human beings, that anger management is a skill that must be learned and practiced, and the three main ways you have developed your anger habits. We will continue by exploring your anger habits, define negative and positive ways to express anger, and Vicki will teach a variety of anger management strategies. Vicki will explain about “old anger” and together we will find your anger triggers. We will explore how our inner thoughts contribute to our anger problems and look for positive anger payoffs that reinforce the anger habits. These skills and knowledge will go a long way in empowering a person to take control and manage your anger in healthier ways. Along with basic anger management skills, clients may wish to learn positive communication skills, conflict negotiation, stress reduction, anxiety techniques, and developing healthy relationships. The client decides if these skills will benefit their outcome. This new knowledge and skill will help empower you to handle this strong emotion in a healthy and respectful way. This encourages better relationships and empowers you to deal with difficult situations.

The guidelines of court ordered anger management are often outlined by the judge, case worker or probation officer. There may be a differences between Anoka County court ordered anger management, Isanti County court-ordered anger management, Hennepin County court-ordered anger management, etc. To use Counseling Conversations for a court-order, you will first need approval. Normally a judge will request 16 to 18 weeks of anger management counseling. The judge or probation officer may request that other skills be added into the counseling process such as developing healthy relationships, parenting techniques or stress reduction. Vicki Langemo is willing to be in contact with the case worker, probation officer or guardian ad litem on a client’s case. She is willing to write up letters, emails or phone calls confirming that a client attended the requested number of visits and what skills were discussed during these sessions. If anything else is required, the client should discuss it with Vicki at the first appointment or when they are told what is expected. Advanced payment will be required for these services.

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