Stress Management And Stress Reduction


Stress Management skills are needed when someone finds they are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or beginning to have trouble eating and sleeping (insomnia). Some individuals just feel that their responsibilities are piling up and they are having trouble handling the constant demands of life. Another time to seek stress reduction tools is when you are using negative ways to deal with your stress like drinking more than usual, spending too much, gambling more often, snapping at others or finding it harder to keep it together.

In stress management counseling, a client will learn how to identify stress, how stress is connected with our instincts, why stress is a big component in mental and physical health, health-related issues, and the 6 main components to Stress Management. A couple of these components are developing an emotional support system, applying and learning stress relief activities in your life, and adding daily moments of fun into your to-do list. Vicki has also specialized in relaxation techniques and has a relaxation CD called;Relax, Unwind & Sleep that can be ordered from ITunes. If you apply these new skills into your daily life, it will empower you toreduce your stress and have a more relaxing life.