4 Simple Ways to Feel Happier

supportive-talk-sunglassesGratitude: Make an effort to thank someone out of the blue. Send a thank you note to your local police or fire department, or email a friend and tell them why you appreciate them. Write “thank you” in the sand, dirt, snow, or with stones and text the picture out to someone you care about in life. Gratitude raises your happiness index.

Enthusiasm: Feeling down and out? Spend time with a high-energy, positive person. Chat with an energetic trainer at the gym, smile back at a person who always seems happy, or listen to a motivational speaker. I found Leo Buscaglia from the 1970s very inspirational. Jill Ann Anderson also has good seminars. Enthusiasm is contagious!

Optimism: Remember a time when life didn’t work out the way you planned, but it opened the door to something that worked out GREAT! Use that visualization to catapult your optimism. Happy people are hopeful people.

Curiosity: What is something that has caught your fancy but you have never done it? Look into it today! Explore the subject. Find something that gets your blood moving again or gives you that exciting tingle in your tummy. Excitement breeds happiness.

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