RECOVERY FROM PAIN: A Joint Alliance with Counselors and Chiropractic Care

Do you need a new approach for easing your pain?

Counselors and Chiropractors Join Forces to give you Pain Relief

Pain-older-man-bending-over-painIn the field of pain reduction, a new integrative holistic health model includes counselors and chiropractors teaming up to achieve your health goals. An innovative total wellness program includes more than one specialty to achieve recovery from pain. Teaming up with your chiropractor and your counselor can add a variety of healing components to your recovery plan.

Physical Predispositions (It is in your genes)

The human body is a miraculous machine. It can see the world, hear music, taste food, feel a soft blanket, smell a rose, run, jump, climb and contemplate the subtle aspects of our intelligence. But the truth is even though our bodies are amazing, they normally aren’t perfect in every area. Everyone tends to have a predisposition towards a certain health problem. My mother always grappled with her swelling feet; one daughter has stomach problems while another tends to get skin irritations. I use to battle sore throats, and now it is a lower back pain. Maybe you struggle with a trick knee, a crick in your neck that never goes away, or a stiff shoulder. Everyone has certain soft spots of regular irritation in their body: a predisposition to complications. What are your problems areas? You can get help with a Chiro/Counseling duo.

Chiropractors and Counselors are the Pain Relieving Dynamic Duo

I find when I am more stressed or angry, my physical problems tend to flare up. That is because we tend to hold our emotions in our body. As an illustration, think of clenching your jaw when stressed, tensing your muscles when angry or holding your breath when you are afraid. These are natural reactions. A good chiropractor can help you release the tension in your muscles, relax the nerve causing your pain or realign your bone structure to give you relief. The chiropractor can also give you at-home exercises to aid in healing and staying fit.  Then your counselor can follow up with ways to help retain your health. You can vent your feelings to your therapist, learn how to let go of your anger, reduce your stress/anxiety or learn ways to build healthy, happy relationships. Together, these pain fighting professions will help you to recover or reduce your pain.

Healing through Chiropractic Care

Pain man and woman helpingPain relief through the manipulation of the body dates back to the beginning of civilization. The word, “Chiropractic” comes from a Greek word meaning “done by the hands.” The first recognized doctor by the name of Hippocrates who lived during the fifth century used body work as part of his practice. So even back when Greece was the top civilization, there was an understanding that body parts can become strained or unaligned, and it will cause pain. One holistic belief is that the body has an inner healing power that can be triggered by pressure, massage, stretching or adjustment of key nerves, muscles or bones. These chiropractic methods help put the body back into balance and promotes healing.

Pain Reduction through Counseling

Sigmund Freud became known as the father of psychoanalysis. As a medical doctor, he realized that the mind was a complex energy system that affected all parts of the human experience. Memory, observation, beliefs, values, language, movement of the body and the perception of pain all come from our master computer, the brain. Freud came to realize that there are two different thought processes going on in our brain: our conscious and unconscious thoughts. These parts are compared to an iceberg. There is the part you see and a huge part you do not see. Similarly, the unconscious brain is the part of your inner thinking that you do not know about in your mind. A person doesn’t realize it is happening or working 24/7. Counseling helps bring these thoughts, beliefs, values, memories and emotions to the surface. Once you are aware of these underlying causes, you can empower yourself to heal them. Then you can learn healthy ways of changing or dealing with your inner reactions if they are causing you distress. Sometimes pain is coming from our thoughts or emotions, and our body is saying, “Ouch.” There are mind/body interventions derived from decades of research that help reduce pain and promote healing. Some of these techniques are Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy, Relaxation training, Guided visualization, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Anger Management, or Cognitive restructuring (changing your thoughts to promote healing). There is a CD that contains both relaxation techniques and guided imagery called, Relax, Unwind & Sleep that can be downloaded from Amazon or Itunes. Now that you know that counseling can reduce pain if you cannot get relief from your doctor, a quick solution is setting up a conversation at   

The Ultimate Pain Take Down

Throw a One, Two Punch at your pain by incorporating the help of professionals from chiropractic and counseling care. If your medical doctor cannot cure your pain or is just hiding it with pain relievers, consider using chiropractic and therapeutic care. A chiropractor can heal or reduce your pain physically, and a counselor can restore your health, mentally. With this team of professionals by your side, you can promote healing in a healthy, long-term, and holistic manner.

For helpful books, try Healing Back Pain: The Mind- Body Connection by John E. Sarno or Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief by Jon Kabat-Zinn. For more information about Chiropractic Care, go to . To learn about stress reduction, anger management or a healthier relationship, try